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Spring Break is here!! :)


This week is Spring Break for the kids…it has been so nice not having to wake up at 5:40am each morning 🙂  Abby’s friend Rebecca is staying with us this week, too!  She’s a sweetheart!  I’ve been trying to make yummy meals each night…tonight will be Stuffed Pizza Rolls by The Girl Who Ate Everything, which I’ve made three other times…we love’em! 😀  I made my first cheesecake a few days ago and it was divine!  I used the Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe for Vanilla Mousse Cheesecake…I *highly* recommend it 😉

I have two new products in my stores…I loved these colors so much I used them twice 😉

I finally decided what I want to do for Chloe’s birthday party…it will be a girls-only party here at our apartment 🙂  I have invited six of Chloe’s friends and we will be doing girly crafts like making rings and glitter globes, if I can find all of the supplies, that is 😉  I went to Dollar General and managed to get all of the decorations and party supplies for about $30…it would have been SO much more at Walmart or Target, and everything is pretty cute!  I still need to figure out what I want to do for goody bags and if I want to do cupcakes or a big cake…either way I know I want to do a rainbow cake like this one HERE 🙂  I better scoot…Chloe’s friend just arrived for a play date…yay!  😉


We survived the storms…


Yesterday was a siren-filled day here, it seemed!  We had tornadoes come through North of us…thankfully  all we really got here was rain.  The kids had a half day, which they were happy about 😛  I’m still battling this nasty head cold…I really need to buy some Sudafed today…DayQuil never really touches me.

This weekend is the $1.00 Bake Sale at Ginger Scraps and I have one new paper pack on sale that coordinates with the “Reading Room” buffet 🙂

On Thursday I tried two new recipes!  The first was Chicken Pillows from The Girl Who Ate Everything, which I served with homemade mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans…for dessert I tried a new Lemon Brownies recipe from Rita’s Recipes, which was pretty yummy…I think Chloe and I are the biggest fans of the brownies…the other peeps in this house prefer chocolate 😉  The Chicken Pillows were super delish and I highly recommend them!


(Image {c} The Girl Who Ate Everything)


(Image {c} Rita’s Recipes)

I am so glad the weekend is here…I have so much cleaning to catch up on since I’ve been sick…I think I’ll have the kiddos help me…time to make some more coffee! 😉