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I’m moving my blog :)


I’ve decided to move this puppy back over to my own domain 🙂  You can now find my blog here: I’m still working on adding my blog roll and linkage there, FYI 😉


It was such a nice weekend…


weather wise, at least 🙂 Chloe has enjoyed playing outside three days in a row now! I’m hoping it will stay like this…in the 60’s and 70’s…we have the windows open, which is divine ❤

Tim bought me a new laptop from Walmart and has it all set up for me now!! I’m getting used to Windows 7 after using XP for soooo many years…I like it, so far…especially the groovy themes!! 🙂 I still have to try out designing on it to see if it will be a good replacement for my desktop. He installed CS4 which I have never tried, but we’ve owned it for quite a while now…I’ve been using CS2 😛

I’ve started a little Chloe dictionary, and would like to eventually put it online to share with the grandparents who read this blogaroo 🙂 She says some things in such a funny way that we wanted to be sure to remember it for future blackmail usage 😉

Oh!! We are doing Wish 4 it Week at Inspiration Lane!! Head on over to the chatter section of our forum and join in the wishing fun! *psst* if you wish for a mega kit or one of my products or Creative Confusion products, it is very possibly your wish will be granted…heehee 😉

I have a few new products up at IL, from this weekend…I’ll have to post them later…I have a baked spaghetti going in the oven and I need to make a salad and prep the bread sticks…be back laterz 🙂