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New paper packs :)


These packs debuted several days ago, but I have been too busy enjoying my time in TEXAS to post about them! 😉  My three kiddos and I have been visiting my family here since July 4th and are going to be here through the 26th…it sure is awesome to be back in my home state…minus the heat 🙂  The only downside is having to pack and unpack so often…which I need to scoot and go work on right now since we are leaving from my Dad’s to go to my Mom’s tomorrow morning!

Really quick note that there is a new month of Memory Mix over at Mscraps and I have three paper packs that coordinate with that, plus a new pack of Uber Grunge 😉  ANDDDDD….tomorrow I have a freebie that will be activated over at Creative Market…if you haven’t signed up for their newsletter yet, you should!  They give out three free products a week 😉  My Grunge-fitti {three} paper pack will be free starting on the 15th through the end of that week 🙂


Go Team! GS Buffet Sale :)


Happy August, everyone!!  My kids (6, 15, and 16) were all three so excited that today is August 1st because Minecraft, one of their favorite games, is releasing a bunch of new add-ons today.  I personally cannot stand the graphics in that game…it is just a bunch of blocky pixels!! lol  Click on the link to it and you will see what I mean 😛  Anyhoodle, my birthday is in 3 days…eek!  I am going to be the big 37…*le sigh*  I feel way younger than that though, which I guess is a good thing!  I am hoping that we’ll be able to go to the Madison County Nature Trail on Saturday morning, and maybe have a picnic there, before it gets too hot 🙂  The kids and I went to Big Spring International Park’s lagoon, this morning, to feed the ducks, geese, pigeons, and fish…it was fun, but uber hot…we should have gone earlier in the morning.  This was our second time to visit, and again, I was blown away by how many geese there are there!! 🙂

Alrighty, on to the products…I have three new products on sale for $1.50 each that coordinate with the August “Go Team!” Buffet at Ginger Scraps 🙂

And that’s it for today!  I will have more new products debuting on August 3rd 🙂  Off to do some ironing…woohoo! 😛

Spring Break is here!! :)


This week is Spring Break for the kids…it has been so nice not having to wake up at 5:40am each morning 🙂  Abby’s friend Rebecca is staying with us this week, too!  She’s a sweetheart!  I’ve been trying to make yummy meals each night…tonight will be Stuffed Pizza Rolls by The Girl Who Ate Everything, which I’ve made three other times…we love’em! 😀  I made my first cheesecake a few days ago and it was divine!  I used the Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe for Vanilla Mousse Cheesecake…I *highly* recommend it 😉

I have two new products in my stores…I loved these colors so much I used them twice 😉

I finally decided what I want to do for Chloe’s birthday party…it will be a girls-only party here at our apartment 🙂  I have invited six of Chloe’s friends and we will be doing girly crafts like making rings and glitter globes, if I can find all of the supplies, that is 😉  I went to Dollar General and managed to get all of the decorations and party supplies for about $30…it would have been SO much more at Walmart or Target, and everything is pretty cute!  I still need to figure out what I want to do for goody bags and if I want to do cupcakes or a big cake…either way I know I want to do a rainbow cake like this one HERE 🙂  I better scoot…Chloe’s friend just arrived for a play date…yay!  😉

We survived the storms…


Yesterday was a siren-filled day here, it seemed!  We had tornadoes come through North of us…thankfully  all we really got here was rain.  The kids had a half day, which they were happy about 😛  I’m still battling this nasty head cold…I really need to buy some Sudafed today…DayQuil never really touches me.

This weekend is the $1.00 Bake Sale at Ginger Scraps and I have one new paper pack on sale that coordinates with the “Reading Room” buffet 🙂

On Thursday I tried two new recipes!  The first was Chicken Pillows from The Girl Who Ate Everything, which I served with homemade mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans…for dessert I tried a new Lemon Brownies recipe from Rita’s Recipes, which was pretty yummy…I think Chloe and I are the biggest fans of the brownies…the other peeps in this house prefer chocolate 😉  The Chicken Pillows were super delish and I highly recommend them!


(Image {c} The Girl Who Ate Everything)


(Image {c} Rita’s Recipes)

I am so glad the weekend is here…I have so much cleaning to catch up on since I’ve been sick…I think I’ll have the kiddos help me…time to make some more coffee! 😉

February Updates :)


Yes…I terribly failed at blogging each day since January 25th…ack…pathetic 😛 So, now that it is almost March, I guess I should announce here that I have debuted at Ginger Scraps! That was back on Jan. 25th…lol I am still at TheDigiChick too, but I have to have exclusive products at TDC so I have been moving some things from TDC to GS. My store at GS is 25% off still, and I have a few NEW products at both stores 🙂

My latest is the first paper pack in a new paper series called “Grunge-fitti” – on sale for $1.87 🙂

We have a new JenN {squared} kit in the store called “Genuine”!  Jen Yurko (my other design half) has a bunch of awesome styles that match too which you can find in my GS store!

I also have a new kit over at TDC called “Swoon” 🙂

I’ve gotta tell ya, I am SO tired of all of the sickness that is going around here…Kindergarten is going to kill us all!  Ugh!  Chloe has caught something at least once a month since she started school, and of course I usually catch whatever she has, and inevitably it gets passed around to all of us and sometimes repeats the course.  I’ve been told that this section of Alabama is known as “Death Valley” or something crazy like that, due to the allergies that are induced by living here…cotton is supposedly the evilest of them all, which that season should be coming up soon…yay.  I think I need to buy stock in orange flavored Delsym…it has been Chloe’s best friend for the past few months, and now Benadryl is vying for her friendship, as well…

I have a new love in my life………….Pinterest.  That is the #1 most inspiring site for me…I want to eventually start sharing my groovy finds on here, each week…especially the yummy recipes I have been trying! 🙂  Okay, let me share just one real quick…heehee!  Lasagna Soup from A Farm Girl’s Dabbles (image copyright her)….WOW…this was a HUGE hit with everyone!  One note though – be sure your ricotta cheese is room temperature before you serve or else you will end up with a cold cheesy blob at the bottom of your soup 😛

See how DELISH that looks?!!  It is seriously just as good as the homemade lasagna I make…it might even be better…lol

I’ve started planning Chloe’s 6th Birthday party…I am mainly worried about where we will host it since we are now in an apartment.  I am contemplating having a girls-only party so that we have less kids and we can do activities that are calmer and that do not require so much space…I think Chloe would miss having some of her boy friends here though 😦   I really do not want to spend $200+ to have the party at a jump place…that seems to be the trend around here with the Kindergarten crowd…I’d like to do something different than the norm and I would love to have a big table set up with colorful candy and goodies like you see on so many of the party images on Pinterest 🙂

Alrighty…time to scoot!  I need to start dinner and I really don’t feel so hot…head cold time here 😛  Toodles!

New theme…yay!


I felt like changing up the look of the old blogaroo and was SO excited to see this gorgeously funky theme available for free!!  🙂

Today went pretty well…I managed to unpack a few boxes of things that we brought back from the Nashville house, did a bit of cleaning, and some laundry.  Chloe enjoyed playing with her friend Sophia…we had her here for 6 hours…nice long play date 🙂  We are about to watch Fast Five, which I am looking forward too…I really like Vin Diesel and the Fast and Furious movies are always action packed!  We watched Super 8 last night – Abby and I liked it, but Tim and Josh didn’t care for it much.

Anyhoo, time to skidaddle and get Chloe ready for bed…I’m outtie! 🙂

Yay for Fall Break! :)


The kiddos have started Fall Break today! They don’t go back to school until the 25th 🙂 AND, I am so excited…our stray cat outside is finally getting spayed! She’s already had two litters of kittens and we have been hoping she wouldn’t get pregnant again before she stopped lactating. I had to drop her off at 7:30am this morning and will pick her up at 3pm. The kids and I are going to put Daisy’s (the doggy we used to own) old kennel together today so she can live in there for two weeks while she heals 🙂

We’re going to be having another $1 and $2 Super Saver Weekend at Inspiration Lane this weekend!! If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter you should…I send out a freebie each week 🙂 You can sign up on the front page of our site:

I have a few new products in the store…well, new as in added within the last month 😉

Alrighty, I guess I better skidaddle and get that cage built 😉