Scrap Flower is still down :(


We closed on the 8th for a server upgrade and we are still waiting for everything to be configured properly…the transfer took WAY longer than expected.  We are hoping to be back up by this Monday, the 25th 🙂  For those of you who wished for my products in the forum, I will be sending out coupons once we are back up and running 😀


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  1. I’ve been checking your blog. I also need to check my supplies do i don’t buy duplicate. I bought from you from a different store i think. Technology–love/hate isn’t it? ( :

    • Hey! I haven’t updated here yet, am about to, that Scrap Flower is back up now 🙂 I pretty much have the same products there that I do at Scrap Takeout and Ginger Scraps, I haven’t added all of the products that I had at The Digi Chick to my stores yet…still trying to decided what to keep and what to retire 😉

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