I am now at Scrap Flower! :)


Good morning!  I thought I should take this bit of free time I have this morning to update the old blogaroo!  I got up at 5am to assemble a Breakfast Casserole, which is currently in the oven, and I am hoping it will be ready around 6:30am…until then, I am sucking down coffee since I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I have quite a bit of house schtuff to do today 😉  Anyhoo,  I was invited to join Scrap Flower, last week, and I jumped at the chance!  They have been down for a little bit but are now back with a mostly new set of designers and, thankfully, they have kept the same awesome site design…I am so in love with those doodled flowers!! 🙂  We are having a 30% off sale through February 7th.  I have one new product there…

Full-on Randomness 16

Since it is February (wow January flew by!), that means it is time for a new Buffet over at Ginger Scraps:  Listen to Your Heart.  I also have a new Brushaholic’s forum challenge up if you feel like playing around with some groovy heart brushes 🙂

And that’s it for me…I can hear the casserole sizzlin’ in the oven (it smells awesome!!), and I need to get started on making lunches for Tim and the kiddos…have a great Monday!! 🙂


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