Leaving TDC, 30% off sale, new store & products! :)


Happy Friday!! 🙂  I have a few new things going on right now… First off, I am leaving The Digi Chick 😦  All of the products I put in there have to be exclusive to that store only, and I just do not have the time to design for that anymore 😦  I will really miss being there!  This was my first “big store” to be in that I was proud to say I was a part of back in 2006 🙂  I’m having a sale on all of my products, except for the collab with Paper Garden Designs…everything else is 30% off through my last day, June 30th.  You can find my store at The Digi Chick right HERE 😉

On June 1st, my awesome friend, Jen Yurko, opened her own store – Scrap Takeout!!!  I had to be a part of it, of course, so you can now find my designs at STO right HERE 🙂  When my store at TDC fully closes, I will be repackaging/revamping products and putting them at my other two stores.  STO and GS will be my main two stores now, and will, for the most part, have the same products.  At GS I have Buffet items that you will not find at STO, and at STO I will have Build Your Own Carryout products that you will not find at GS…was that confusing enough? lol  I still need to go through my personal website to update everything…ugh…ajoyfulheart.com really needs a revamp!

I moved “Happy to be Me!” over from TDC and added a few new elements to it AND created the worn and torn versions of the patterned papers…the kit, paper pack, and worn and torn paper pack are all on sale for 25% off at both of my stores 🙂  It is difficult to pick which store previews to show on here, so I think I will just “take turns” with them and switch them every other time…we’ll start with STO this time, since it is a brand new store 😀


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