February Updates :)


Yes…I terribly failed at blogging each day since January 25th…ack…pathetic 😛 So, now that it is almost March, I guess I should announce here that I have debuted at Ginger Scraps! That was back on Jan. 25th…lol I am still at TheDigiChick too, but I have to have exclusive products at TDC so I have been moving some things from TDC to GS. My store at GS is 25% off still, and I have a few NEW products at both stores 🙂

My latest is the first paper pack in a new paper series called “Grunge-fitti” – on sale for $1.87 🙂

We have a new JenN {squared} kit in the store called “Genuine”!  Jen Yurko (my other design half) has a bunch of awesome styles that match too which you can find in my GS store!

I also have a new kit over at TDC called “Swoon” 🙂

I’ve gotta tell ya, I am SO tired of all of the sickness that is going around here…Kindergarten is going to kill us all!  Ugh!  Chloe has caught something at least once a month since she started school, and of course I usually catch whatever she has, and inevitably it gets passed around to all of us and sometimes repeats the course.  I’ve been told that this section of Alabama is known as “Death Valley” or something crazy like that, due to the allergies that are induced by living here…cotton is supposedly the evilest of them all, which that season should be coming up soon…yay.  I think I need to buy stock in orange flavored Delsym…it has been Chloe’s best friend for the past few months, and now Benadryl is vying for her friendship, as well…

I have a new love in my life………….Pinterest.  That is the #1 most inspiring site for me…I want to eventually start sharing my groovy finds on here, each week…especially the yummy recipes I have been trying! 🙂  Okay, let me share just one real quick…heehee!  Lasagna Soup from A Farm Girl’s Dabbles (image copyright her)….WOW…this was a HUGE hit with everyone!  One note though – be sure your ricotta cheese is room temperature before you serve or else you will end up with a cold cheesy blob at the bottom of your soup 😛

See how DELISH that looks?!!  It is seriously just as good as the homemade lasagna I make…it might even be better…lol

I’ve started planning Chloe’s 6th Birthday party…I am mainly worried about where we will host it since we are now in an apartment.  I am contemplating having a girls-only party so that we have less kids and we can do activities that are calmer and that do not require so much space…I think Chloe would miss having some of her boy friends here though 😦   I really do not want to spend $200+ to have the party at a jump place…that seems to be the trend around here with the Kindergarten crowd…I’d like to do something different than the norm and I would love to have a big table set up with colorful candy and goodies like you see on so many of the party images on Pinterest 🙂

Alrighty…time to scoot!  I need to start dinner and I really don’t feel so hot…head cold time here 😛  Toodles!


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