June updates :)


I have several new products at The Digi Chick!  I have started a new line of personal use 12×12 inch transparent page borders called “bordering on awesome!” and word art called Grungy Sentiments, plus I’ve started doodling 🙂  Be sure to check out The Digi Chick’s new category called The Chick Fix for oodles of fabulously color coordinated products 🙂

bordering on awesome! {one}

bordering on awesome! {two}

bordering on awesome! {three}

bordering on awesome! {colors one}

Colored Grunge {one}

Dirty Dots

Dirty Rays

CU happy doodles! {random 1}

CU happy doodles! {flowers 1}

grungy sentiments (two)

grungy sentiments {three}

grungy sentiments {four}


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  1. Got your stunning freebie papers and overlay recently, wasn’t sure if I got to say thank you super duper much but they’re worth thanking you twice anyway! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love them to bits, you’re still the queen of grungy beauty 🙂

  2. Aww…thank you so much, sweetie!! I really appreciate you taking the time to thank me…you are the first one! lol I’m glad you enjoyed them 😉 ((((HUGS))))

  3. Jenn!! What happened to the Lane? 😦 It was shocking I read that you guys closed the doors. I hope you’re doing ok. Well it seems cause you’re a chickie now.

    Hugs Tamara (former Pixel Pisces Designs)

    • Hey Tamara! 🙂 Yep, I close IL back in February…it just got to be too much work, in general. I had already been back at The Digi Chick since the October, or so, before that…I sold there a few years ago and really liked it, so I am now exclusive there 😉

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