Happy Birthday Chloe!!! <3


My sweet little Chloe is turning five years old today!! It is both a happy and a little sad…sad because I cannot believe five years have gone by already! *sigh* I am not totally surprised though…knowing that she would probably be my last baby, I tried so hard that first year to spend as much time enjoying her and each phase she went through, hoping that time would pass more slowly…of course, it did not 😦 Okay, happier thoughts now…lol I am about to take Josh to school (Abby is still sick with a head cold), then this morning Chloe and I are going to make her cake together and decorate it, then Tim and I are going to take her to the Frist Museum of Art so she can play in the kid area there 🙂 She had a fun “sleepover” in Abby’s room last night…they stayed up later than they were supposed to while giggling and chatting away…it is adorable that a 14 year old and an “about to be 5 year old” can do that together 😉

Alrighty, I better skidaddle…I’ll post about new products and schtuff later 🙂


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  1. I can’t believe you’re blogging! I’ll have to come here to get my Jenn fix then 🙂 Super belated, but hope Chloe had a super-de-duper birthday!!!

    • LOL I’m hardly blogging…I really need to get back into it…*sigh* Thanks, sweets! She did have a good birthday…we bought her a few Beanie Baby kitties and she was happy as can be! 🙂

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