Chloe has magic skills…


This morning, on the drive into school, Josh had a little toy skateboard that he was playing with, and Chloe asked to see it.  After a few minutes Josh asked if he could have it back.  Chloe then told him that she has “magic skills that made it distappeared (I need to put that one in the Chloe dictionary!)”…he asked her to use her magic skills to make it come back and she said “I can’t, my magic skills are broken…you can have it back when we get to school”.  When we arrived at school she said “we at school, you can have da skateboard back!  my magic skills are working again!”…she’s a hoot 😛

It looks like it will be raining today, which stinks because the temp. is really nice…I was wanting to take Chloe to the park 😦

Oh!  I’ll go ahead and post my new products real quick since I ran out of time yesterday 😉

**Don’t forget to drop by our forum to make a wish for FREE product today!! 🙂


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