December already?!


I cannot believe that today is December 1st!  October and November just FLEW right by 😦  Chloe went Trick or Treating for the first time ever, and she loved it!!  She wanted to go Trick or Treating again the next few nights! LOL  Our friend Lisa came over for Thanksgiving…we cooked and ate a ton of food and played Rock Band Beatles a bit after Chloe went to bed 🙂  My mom and her new husband came to visit us on Friday, and left Sunday morning…it was great to get to meet him…I think they will be VERY happy together, and the kids (especially Chloe) were happy to have a new grandpa!  My sweet Nana made special afghans for each of us and I presented them to each of the kiddos and Tim, last night…they are gorgeous!!  (We’ve taken photos, Nana, so you should see those soon!!  Thank you, again!!!)

Josh and Abby both have birthdays coming up this month…Josh will be 14 and Abby will be 13!!  I think we will be doing a sleepover for them, that weekend.  The house is still not finished, but their rooms are fixed up enough that they could have at least one person over each 😉

A new month of Club Click starts today, at Inspiration Lane!!  I have signed up for this month again, and need to finish up my first product, so I better skidaddle 🙂


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