Back to blogging…


Well…sort of!  I’ve been wanting to get my blog back up and running for quite  a while now, so here I am…not sure how long this little blogging kick will last though…lol

I have a new kit debuting on Saturday!!  I’m SO excited about this one…it took me about two or three weeks to finish it, but I love the colors and it was so much fun to work on 🙂  We’re also going to be having a Grab Bag weekend at Inspiration Lane!  I am not participating personally, due to my lack of major designing time, but some of the other chicas have put together some awesome bags that you won’t want to miss out on 😉  If you haven’t already signed up for our newsletter, be sure to head on over to the front page of our site and sign-up there!  We send out a newsletter every Saturday that always includes a FREEBIE!! 🙂

I cannot believe we are half way through July already!  The kiddos go back to school on August 14th for a half day, and then their first full day is on the 17th…I’m not sure why they are having them go in for a half day on that Friday…it’s silly, I think 😛  We were originally thinking about homeschooling the kids, but now we have changed our minds and decided to keep them in public school, after all.  I think it will be good for them, in general…I was really nervous about several things with the homeschooling.  One of the down sides will be that the kids won’t be home as often to spend time with Chloe…she loves playing with them, although, I must say that this Summer there has been quite a bit of arguing and fussing, even between Chloe and them! LOL  What we really need to have happen is Chloe finally agree to go potty ON the potty so she can get into a pre-school or possibly the Encore program…that would be awesome 🙂  She’s still saying “no thanks” when you ask her to go on the potty…it’s usually either that or she cries.  She is full-on three year old acting now…but she can be so sweet and funny too, which is most of the time 😉

I hurt my bad ankle again, on Friday evening…it is doing quite a bit better now, but I’m still trying to keep off of it as much as I can.  I went in for an X-ray on Monday and nothing was broken, which was great news!  I do have an appointment on my 34th birthday (August 4th) with an ankle specialist…I want to find out if there are any possible surgeries that might help me get more movement and less pain in my ankle, in general…I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂

I planned on writing quite a bit more, but I’m tired of looking at the computer screen…lol 😛


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  1. Hope they can find something to do to get your ankle better Jenn.
    Summer holidays are wonderful for having all the kids home, but as much as I sort of hate the idea of them going back to school, it is also an enormous relief too! 🙂 And I’m sure Chloe will take to the potty soon, it will happen 🙂

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